RFID & Barcode

Warehouse Management

  • Real time inventory visibility
  • Evaluation of assets on daily basis
  • Integration with existing software
  • Best in class read range UHF tags
  • Reusable, cost effective tags
  • Industry Regulatory compliance.
  • Reduced Labor Costs & faster scan
  • No Line-of-Sight Requirements

Asset Tracking

  • Seamless IT asset audit
  • Mitigates loss, theft, and risk
  • Return on Investment is faster
  • RFID tag ideal for IT asset
  • Scan multiples asset at once
  • simplify inventory management
  • handheld readers for quick scan
  • Scan more than 100 items/sec

Library Management

  • UHF Tag  read range upto 10 M
  • Automated check in / check out
  • Customized Book drop station
  • High speed book verification
  • Low cost re writable tags
  • Integration with  bar code system
  • self issue and self return
  • More data storage with UHF tags


  • Application integrated with dms
  • Re-writable & cost effective Tags
  • Track misplaced files quickly
  • improved client service
  • Real time workflow file tracking
  • Unique tag ID for each file
  • Check in/check out history of files
  •  List of Missing and Misplaced files